Why Sell?


You might be asking “Why should I sell my oil and gas minerals or royalties?” 


Here are reasons others have sold their interests to Live Oak Royalties:



Unlock value by converting your royalty rights into a lump sum payment. Converting your interests into cash today can provide you funds to: 


  • Pay off high interest credit cards

  • Pay off medical bills

  • Get caught up on bills

  • Make home or car repairs

  • Invest in your business

  • Invest in safer assets

  • Pay tuition

  • Invest in real estate

  • Help a family member or friend

  • Buy a second home

  • Take a vacation

  • Donate to a worthy cause




Estate planning is a common reason many chose to sell royalies or minerals. This is because some find it is easier to give cash to future generations. Royalties can have complex and sometimes large tax consequences if they stay in an estate at the time of death, making it diffucult on heirs. 


Sell All or Part: Live Oak is happy to make an offer to buy ALL or PART of the royalty or mineral interst, allowing individuals to make customized decisions. 



With the stock market swinging up and down, banks having trouble, and interest rates set to rise, selling oil or gas royalties for cash could improve your financial security in the face of economic uncertainties. 



Selling all or part of your royalty or mineral interest can provide you and your family with the certainty of cash. Don't worry about future production checks never coming, or falling with oil prices. Let Live Oak take risks only a larger company can afford and have peace of mind. 



The saying "don't keep all of your eggs in one basket" applies to royalty and mineral rights also....


Selling PART of your royalty interest can allow you to put some cash in the bank while still retaining some upside. 

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